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WOODS: Making Stories


WOODS - making stories is a new knitting book that is created fuelled by a desire to share our passion for local, breed-specific European yarns and modern minimalistic knitwear design.

They have teamed up with amazing designers and European yarn companies as well as a team of wonderful makers on this journey to create a book that shines a spotlight on sustainable, local yarns, celebrates new and established designers, and shares tons of knitting knowledge.

The book includes

  • 11 modern, minimalistic knitwear patterns 
    • Designers: Becky Sørensen, Claire Walls, Ida Nielsen, Jenn Steingass, Jessica Gore, Linda Dubec, Nele Druyts, Orlane Sucche, Rhiannon Owens, Ruth Werwai, Verena Cohrs. Includes a code to download all patterns via Ravelry.
    • Yarn Partners: Blacker Yarns, Black Isle Yarns, De Rerum Natura, Hey Mama Wolf Yarns, Isle Yarns, Lana Rara, Moel View Yarn, Ovis Et Cetera, Sherwood Yarn, South Down Yarn, Tukuwool
  • 11 designer & yarn company profiles profiles because we want you to know who the people are that made the magic happen!
  • 4 long form tutorials: cast on & bind off, sizing, heel construction, seaming & basting.
  • 2 interviews with Karen Templer of Fringe Association on sweater construction and Clare Devine on sock construction.
  • 2 long form articles about local, breed-specific yarns - one focusing on Europe, and one with a very special guest from overseas, Megan Elizabeth of Wool Days.
  • 2 spotlights of our making stories community - with a guest article by Françoise Danoy of Aroha Knits!

English, 148 pages, hard cover.


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