Sandnes Garn

Sandnes Garn yarns and knitting patterns

Sandnes Garn yarns have become a staple in the knitting community. Norwegian wool yarn Peer Gynt, high quality Tynn Silk Mohair, brushed alpaca Børstet Alpakka and non-superwash merino wool yarns Double Sunday and SundayNorwegian yarn company is established in 1888. The family owned business uses mostly Norwegian wool - 95 percent of the wool comes from Norwegian sheep. Merino wool's origin is in South America, where it is produced ethically without mulesing.

Sandnes Garn knitwear collection charms with Scandinavian style and knitting tradition. Sandnes Garn knitting patterns are sold with Sandnes Garn yarns only. Seasonal Tema collections with traditional knits like Marius sweater from the 1950s, and DIY and Soft Knits - Mykt till Dame collections with trendy and timeless patterns and new classic sweaters such as Kelly Genser, Guernsey Sweater and Hadley Genser. Sandnes Garn also collaborates with talented indie designers, such as Petiteknit.